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Are you a Station Manager or Programme Controller?  Do you like what you've heard in the Audio Library and see on the website?  If you want to work with Geoff Dorsett, please do not hesitate to get in touch straight away. Geoff is keen to explore new opportunities both in the UK and further afield...

What's on offer?

Geoff produces weekly shows, available to download for airing on your radio station free of charge.  Each focuses on the best of a decade, and are Solid Gold '60s, Supersonic '70s and Kick Up the '80s... all three of which are currently syndicated to 93 radio stations in eleven countries across the world.  Geoff would also be delighted to hear from you if you have an idea for a show he could present on your station.

That latest demo reel you sent me was simply amazing!  It was the perfect length, excellent interviews, hands down one of the best I've ever heard.  Job well done!
Brandon Bell, Music & Imaging Director of KMXB Mix 94.1, Las Vegas

Just aired Supersonic '70s and I am honoured to announce that the entire block of your shows  are officially WBUS' top ranked shows. You are Number 1 here at WBUS and have the highest listener base! Your shows are aired every single day in the morning and late afternoon drive... YOU ROCK!
Scott, WBUS, Arizona

The Shows

This show, produced and presented by Geoff Dorsett, relives the '80s! There has never been a decade like it... and there never will be again. Ten amazing years which brought with it big hair, legwarmers, Live Aid, Thriller, where MTV officially killed the radio star and every girl became Madonna wannabees. It really was the party decade.

This show brings the music and star guest interviews, complete with loads of hairspray, Tina Turner in a leather mini-skirt and 6 inch stilletoes. Put on some black eyeliner and a day-glo shirt and put Kick Up the '80s on your station. Get in touch to find out how...

Download Name Play Size Duration
download Demo
Kick Up the 80s

4.8 MB 3:29 min
download Show Promo by/for MTJR (UK)
Kick Up the 80s

1.2 MB 1:17 min
download Show Promo by/for Radio 252 (USA)
Kick Up the 80s

0.8 MB 0:30 min
download Full Show
Kick Up the 80s

79.9 MB 58:09 min
This show, produce and presented by Geoff Dorsett, celebrates the '70s!  More details will be here soon...

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No items to display
This is a show written, produced and presented by Geoff Dorsett. Remember the decade that brought you Beatlemania-Flower Power and JFK? With music from Elvis to Brenda Lee, The Rolling Stones to Roy Orbison, it's the songs that made you go 'ooh and aah' with star guest interviews from the ten years that make up the best decade of your life!

Cooler than a frozen daiquiri and hotter than Marilyn Monroe's legs... it's the one, the only, the original - often imitated but never duplicated... Solid Gold '60s.

Download Name Play Size Duration
download Trail by/for Cruise FM
Solid Gold 60s

0.5 MB 0:31 min
download Demo
Solid Gold 60s

3 MB 2:13 min

Demos and Showreels

The following shows and audio are to demostrate Geoff's experience and work on other stations, and are not shows available for syndication

The award winning Soft Rock radio show, produced and presented by Geoff Dorsett, is live every Monday night on 93.7 Express FM 93.7, based in Portsmouth, and on-line worldwide on Each Monday the show features the hottest new downloads, the Rock Hall of Fame, the legendary Pop Quiz and star guest interviews - check out the Audio Library to hear them all!

Over the years, in excess of 1524 interviews have been carried out, including Genesis, Foreigner, Paul Carrack, Marillion, Bad Company, ABC, Howard Jones and Spandau Ballet. It's the show the stars tune into!

Download Name Play Size Duration
download Demo 1
The Soft Rock Show

7.3 MB 5:18 min
download Demo 2
The Soft Rock Show

2.5 MB 2:43 min
download Demo 3
The Soft Rock Show

4.7 MB 3:26 min
In addition to the flagship Soft Rock Show and hugely successful shows above, Geoff can be heard presenting a variety of other shows.  We've included some audio from these below for you to listen to, in order to see Geoff's diversity and skill at adapting to any type of show.

Download Name Play Size Duration
download Pilot for Andover Sound
The Beatles Hour

5.8 MB 6:19 min
download Pilot for Andover Sound
Kick Up the 80s

7.4 MB 5:25 min
download Forest FM Demo
The Number Ones Show

3.1 MB 3:24 min
download Forest FM Demo
The Soul Show

3.2 MB 3:27 min
download Forest FM Demo
All Our Yesterplays

3.6 MB 2:39 min

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